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Page Rank is the SEO Website Ranking system of a particular Website Page, Website Article, any Web URL, the more is Page Rank of any website the more is SEO value of that website. Page rank is no longer used by Google now, and it replaced with MOZ Page rank, Domain Rank. Page rank (SEO PR Checker) in simple term is the Quality and Quantity of Website Backlink count, and it increases as your Backlink count increases.

We have Website Page rank Check tool to find Website's Page Ranking, punch in your website name and you will get Google Page Rank information. After you enter your website, you will get Page Rank, Domain Rank, Total Backlink Count of website.
PR aka Page rank of website increases by having more backlink count of that Web URL page. It means how many website links to your website, Website Domain Value depends on High Page rank, if you have high Page rank than you can sell your domain in high value. One need to focus on Quality Backlink of website, Do not increase Backlink from Spammy Website, only focus on Quality Genuine relavant backlink. Example : If you have Health Blog/Website, create backlinks from Health related niche website, not by any niche that is not relavant to your website niche.
There are different SEO Web Page ranking system some of them are Alexa Rank, SEMRUSH, AHREFS, NEIPATEL, MAJESTIC. Thanks for checking Page Rank with us, please Bookmark this page, below are some of the useful SEO tool for day to day use. The most used Page rank system now is MOZ Rank system by MOZ.